Appropriate Puppy Play

Appropriate Puppy Play – Normal vs Unacceptable What is appropriate play? By now, I am sure you are well aware of the importance that puppy play embodies in your puppy’s life. Sure, socialisation is essential, but social exposure with other dogs takes top honours! While a puppy playing with others is vital for their development, […]


A vet examining a dog

Sterilisation, your questions answered! I often get asked so many questions from new dog owners on the sterilisation of their pets. To answer as many of your questions as I can I have put together a Q & A with the Vets at Ou Kaapse Vet that will hopefully answer all of your concerns. What […]

Bonding time

man bonding with his dog

Bonding Time! In my first class in puppy school the very first thing I talk to people about is the importance of spending time with their dogs.I suggest to new owners that they take 5-10 minutes out of their day to sit on the floor with their dogs and just chill. Chat away about anything […]

Your Piranha Puppy!

A puppy biting it's owner's ear

Your Piranha Puppy Getting a new puppy is so exciting. A lot of things change overnight for both human and puppy and sometimes it can be a lot to take in. One of the challenges people find with a young puppy is the playful biting. As a puppy trainer I have seen many owners’ forearms […]