New Puppy Ownership

New Puppy Ownership Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility.  Think of it as getting a new car. After you get it home, you are excited to show them off and take them out, but maintaining them is SO important.  Totally understandable, but here are a few things that many people forget that […]

Why Your Puppy [AND YOU] Need Pet Insurance

Why Your Puppy [AND YOU] Need Pet Insurance One question that I get asked a lot is, “Should I get insurance for pets?”. My answer is always a resounding yes! Unplanned veterinary costs can be somewhat relieved when you invest in a good pet insurance plan. What is Pet Insurance? In plain terms, pet insurance […]

Cats and Dogs

a cat and a dog

Cats and Dogs Puppy Power’s 9 Step Introduction Program Cats and Dogs Living Together Congratulations on taking the step to provide a loving home to a dog or cat as a new addition to the existing family dynamics. Cats and dogs can have a special bond, however, before you dream of the days where your […]

Make your own Dog treats!

Make your own Dog Treats Today I am going to share my recipe for Liver Bread, a delicious and easy to make treat for your pups. Ingredients 250g fresh chicken liversCake flour2-3 eggsOatsOptional tin of tuna/pilchards You will need a mixing bowl and a hand mixer or blender to break up the livers If you […]

Puppy Classes starting 21 March 2020

a beautiful black labrador puppy being trained

Puppy Classes starting 21 March 2020 We have 2 puppy classes about to start for pups aged 8 to 16 weeks Course starting dates are either Sat 21 March 2pm or Sun 22 March 9:30am This is for a 5 week course and the entire course costs just R800 Please note: you pup must have […]

Treats and Training

Treats and Training When we take our Pre-Prep Puppy classes (aged 8-16 weeks old) we use positive reinforcement by way of rewarding the pup when they show us the correct behaviour when asked.  When we ask for a sit and the pup sits, we say good girl/boy and reward with a treat. Sounds simple enough, […]