What Is Dog Socialisation?

group of pupies looking at the camera

What Is Dog Socialisation? People often misunderstand the term ‘dog socialisation’ and think that if their dog plays well with the neighbour’s dog,  they are well socialised.  That isn’t the case.  Dog socialisation is part of this, but dogs need to be able to be comfortable and confident not just with playing with dogs, but […]

Appropriate Puppy Play

Appropriate Puppy Play – Normal vs Unacceptable What is appropriate play? By now, I am sure you are well aware of the importance that puppy play embodies in your puppy’s life. Sure, socialisation is essential, but social exposure with other dogs takes top honours! While a puppy playing with others is vital for their development, […]

Bonding time

man bonding with his dog

Bonding Time! In my first class in puppy school the very first thing I talk to people about is the importance of spending time with their dogs.I suggest to new owners that they take 5-10 minutes out of their day to sit on the floor with their dogs and just chill. Chat away about anything […]

Your Piranha Puppy!

A puppy biting it's owner's ear

Your Piranha Puppy Getting a new puppy is so exciting. A lot of things change overnight for both human and puppy and sometimes it can be a lot to take in. One of the challenges people find with a young puppy is the playful biting. As a puppy trainer I have seen many owners’ forearms […]